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Here is a recording of the FREE WEBINAR series

The first one in the series was FAT BURN MACHINE.

What you will learn in this Webinar?

  1. Understand your current struggles
  2. A different way of looking at calories and food
  3. REDO your efforts …effortlessly. What If ?? you did things differently?
  4. The 4 Bs of Burning Fat.
  5. Use your emotions to your advantage.
  6. Food Basics
  7. A sample diet guidance
  8. Brain B
Meet Your Creator, Kinetic Living
Empowering body-mind with Movement & Awareness coaching
 5 Rating 
Kinetic Living is all about being fit from within.

The first step is to maximize one’s OWN fitness quotient through scientifically and mindfully selected workouts, without compromising fun and form.

The perspective is that exercise is not about calories spent but about the quality of movement and its benefit.

The second step is to gradually, maximize one’s OWN awareness quotient as the physical benefi

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