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Widen And Deepen Your Fitness Journey With SHRED Evolve

Intermediate Workout From Home Program

Take An Inside Look Of Shred Evolve Program
Unique 21+ Intermediate DO ALONG workouts over 4 weeks with Coach Urmi herself.
  • Audio cues not only make it really easy to follow but also recreate the REAL LIVE class feel. You will be reminded about the technique and form EVERY STEP OF THE WAY.
  • Workouts & movements from functional training, yoga, pilates, animal flow and prehab (injury prevention)
  • Engage both mind & body: Build endurance while also building RELEVANT strength that is necessary for other skill-based movements too.
  • Move beyond relying on will power and motivation alone. Develop a fitness mindset AS YOU WORKOUT WITH ME that will take you beyond your imbalanced patterns of “all or nothing”.
  • IN-BUILT progressions- Every workout is unique and I give ways to vary them. This way you can keep benefiting from the program even if you repeat more than once

One ON One Connection
  • I am really looking forward to building a personal connection with you by sharing (sweat) drops of wisdom as we work out together.
  • This will organically help you evolve your fitness philosophy without getting more serious. Coz hey, why so serious??
  • What you take away is not just a sweat session but a connection built through our love for hard work, creativity as well as inspiration.
  • Lifetime access to a PRIVATE Facebook community only for Coach Urmi’s students along with Mindful eating guide
  • A chance to join the Kinetic Living LIVE sessions once in two weeks. Once you sign up, you will get the options available to choose for time and day

Energy Awareness Exercises
  • The program contains journaling based questions which will help you deepen your connection with your own WHY behind fitness and discover what YOU truly love about fitness.
  • The program contains weekly experiential tasks that will encourage you to connect with Nature, which will increase your internal healing process. When you heal in other areas of your life, you free up a lot of energy to pursue your fitness & health goals.
Meet Your Creator, Kinetic Living
Empowering body-mind with Movement & Awareness coaching
 6 Reviews 
 5 Rating 
Kinetic Living is all about being fit from within.

The first step is to maximize one’s OWN fitness quotient through scientifically and mindfully selected workouts, without compromising fun and form.

The perspective is that exercise is not about calories spent but about the quality of movement and its benefit.

The second step is to gradually, maximize one’s OWN awareness quotient as the physical benefits deepen to nurture the mind.

Kinetic Living is to take action with an energized state of being, to do things that make us feel alive and keep us healthier happier people.

The third step is to pursue happiness. Fitness and Awareness go hand in hand in Kinetic Living. Your growing awareness can help you use fitness as a way to empower you OUTSIDE the workout floor. This raises the vibration and frequency of your thoughts, gives you the physical energy to execute and put your desires into action.

 This elevates the quality of your life attracting abundance, perfect health and happiness your life.

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 5 (6 reviews)
Sanjana Mansukhani
Shred alumna
I joined KL in April 2019 and I think that's when my real fitness journey began. Having undergone a surgery for a 3 grade ligament tear, i could never do a full squat or lunges or even consider doing box jumps before. When I joined KL, thanks to Urmi and all the other coaches, I gained confidence in...
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Rohan Joshi
I have been training under Energy Coach Urmi Kothari for the past 3 years, and has had an incredible transformation over time. When I started out, my goal was to be able to do 10 pull-ups in one go. Fast forward to today, pull-ups are only level one of all the impressive things I can do. We’re talki...
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Rupal Khalsa
Shred alumna
I so wanted to join this programme especially because I am really inspired by you and I just wanted to learn as much as I can. Started from yesterday, 2 days have been really great. The way you teach and talk about every minute detail about all basic exercises, forms and postures, is just amazing. I...
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Tejas Ajmera
Shred Alumnus
I've got your shred evolve program and I'm totally loving it. I am amazed how you have put together perfect combination of workouts for strength, skills building and with the right intensity. Everyday I look forward to my workouts. I was ways good with my lower body workouts and now I can feel that ...
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