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Remove confusion around food

Find your unique routine for health & harmony

Find your unique routine for health & harmony

Break self-sabotaging habits & take charge

Empower Will Take You From

Priceless Experiences

8 weight training group sessions by KINETIC LIVING Coaches.
2 bonus workouts with Coach Urmi on sundays
A private WhatsApp community
Developing an understanding attitude towards your body.
Meditations for different times of the day
Awaken flow to recharge your body
Meal ideas from my personal pantry
4 videos to help you understand PCOS
Mindful eating guide so you never have to diet again

4 weeks Empower program includes

15 Tasks that focus on different aspect of life - mind, body, relationship, and environment ( and start your healing from PCOS, naturally, if you are a woman and differing from PCOS).

Synergy to help you breakthrough from older habits that come from the collective supportive spirit of all members involved!

Journaling based exercises every week to improve your relationship with food, fitness and your body.

3rd October -31st October

Execute tasks remotely
at your own convenience

3 Live classes on weekends at 10 A.M. IST
Weekends at 10 A.M. IST

Success Stories

"I was always confused about eating because there was so much information and plans around, but this program simplified everything and the effort you put into making these plans for us was amazing"
" Very grateful to Urmi Kothari for Empower Journey. Personally, it has helped me a lot both physically and mentally"
"Nutrition has been a learning process for me, I started with taking a Diet & Nutritionist having no information, doing just cardio to reduce weight to now learning to build strength & endurance & learning the importance of it"

How will this program work?

Next Steps...

Step 1:- Sign Up for the program.
Step 2:- Attend the induction call ( time will be conveyed when you sign up)
Step 3:- Every second day via the private Whatsapp Group you will be given micro tasks (to be completed on your own) catering around your personal fitness, energy management, nutrition, and most of all your emotional state of mind, when it comes to PCOS.

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Take an inside look of Empower journey live program

Meet your Coach

Hi, I'm Urmi, I'm an energy & fitness coach, Founder of Kinetic Living, and A Nike certified trainer. I believe that one can use their body to transform the mind.

With a cumulative experience of over 21 years and certifications in functional training, kettlebells, Pilates, Animal Flow, professional dance, and yoga, I am currently spreading my philosophy of “Kinetic Living”, Kinetic Living is a unique mix of workouts and mindful nutrition that will transform YOU into a fireball of energy with a body that is fit from within and a mind that feels truly alive!

I am also a master trainer and have coached over 200 aspiring coaches in the country all while building up an extensive mix of clientele (artists, actors, comics, models, writers, directors, photographers) over the last 7 Years.


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